About Us

Hi there! I’m going to ask everybody to write a line or two here about themselves.

Sapphire Coakes – I’m never really sure what to say about myself. I take photographs in both “lives”. I have an abundant, amazing and ever growing family. I have two children, Reo and Sana/Maggie, plus a billion honorary children. Tai’s my gorgeous other half that I hope we will see more of in the coming months. I love major shopping sprees, loling, and hanging out with my friends and family. I love playing greedy… even though the odds of me winning is 1 to 10. Oh and did I mention I did photography? I don’t like sleeping either.. but that takes its toll………

Rune Twine – Great Idea! I am Runestar ‘Rune’ Twine. My sisters in the family are Sapphire, Cady, and Scarlot. My daughter is Audrey(Older)/Riley(Yonuger) Twine. I am currently seeing this lovely person named Portia Pexington. I loaf around a lot, shop and play Greedy. I am envious of those who can take awesome post processed pictures. I’m still learning. I will test my skills here.

Sachy – Didn’t I already do this in the introduction catagory of the blog? Ugh…well, I guess for the sake of redundancy I might as well do it here aswell. So, the name is Sachal the eldest, prettiest, smartest and most important of Cady and Mike Fretwerk children. With that said, my sister whom I admire is Abby. I currently own (and I say currently because more are always being added) strip’d Fashion, PXLeyes Photography, AwesomeSauce Teen Dating, I.T. Fashion Blog and Savoir-faire. So yeah, I like to be busy. I write music and rap…if you’d like a listen just click here. Here is a fun fact for you, I guess since I have been a member of the fam bam I have become ‘the family closet gay’. ONE WEEK IN AND ALREADY HAVE A REPUTATION! YAY ME!

Portia Pexington – Hi everyone! You might know me as Portia, Sis, AuntiePortia, Seester, Portialady, Pexy, Sunshine, or “hey you,” and I am just THRILLED to be part of this family. I’m Miketh and Theodore’s ‘younger but wiser’ sister and Rune’s GF-type-person. If I’m not at home you might find me building for the Catnip or GTFO sim, playing Greedy with the fam, or exploring the grid in search of the newest and prettiest [insert random product] SL has to offer. I love decorating, building, snapping pics, dancing, and generally doing as I please. GO BADGERS!


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