A Day to Remember!

November 12th 2011 I will remember. There’s a good reason for it to. On this night my Daughter Riley asked my Girlfriend at the time to be her Mother. It was a magical moment one that is not mine to share but needless to say a lot of crying went on. Good tears I assure you.

My story begins a little earlier that night. While Riley worked up a poem she was going to read to Portia, I continued my search for something I was planning for a little while. I wanted to propose to Portia but I didn’t have a ring and I thought it would be awesome to do it at Christmas time. I found a ring on the Market Place and set it as a favorite. When Riley wasn’t busy I showed her and she loved it.

Here is the ring I found an I loved it the moment I saw it. I knew Portia would love it. The way I see it the two hearts on either side represent our two children right now. Frankie, and Riley. The central cluster is for Portia and myself. Our diamonds intermixed together showing we are separate people but always together! I saw this when viewing it for that first time. I love this ring and had to have it for my Portia. It was done, I knew the ring I was going to present to my future wife. There was only the matter of time.

So the die was cast, and it appears I rolled a natural 20!  Riley asking Portia to be her mum was a sweet and awesome event in itself. I didn’t want to take that away from her. I asked her if she thought it would be a good idea to ask this night. Riley said pretty much that it would be Awesome for me to do so. We were sitting in the back yard basking in the late afternoon sun when I sprung my surprise.  I will let the chatlog of the event show what happened.

Rune wraps his arms around Portia tightly. “I was going to wait and do this later. But I can not hold out. I am like the kid in the candy store when it comes to this lovey dovey stuff. Miss Portia Pexington, since we now have two children of our own. I think it is high time I make you an honest SL Mom. For that reason and so many others that I can not put to words right now. Will you be willing to be my Fiancee and promise tio marry me in a few months when things settle down?”

Portia Pexington: !!!!!!

Portia Pexington tries not to pass out

Riley Ann Twine grins…”oh myyyy goodnesss”

Rune holds out a ring, that has two hearts filled with diamonds and a central diamond in the middle. These two hearts represent Riley, and Frankie, and the center diamond represents us, both seperate in together multi facited as we are, it is our souls intertwined as they have been siince the day I met you.”

Riley Ann Twine cries.

Portia Pexington blinks back tears and swallows against the lump in her throat. “Runestar Twine?” She lifts a trembling hand from Riley’s hair and runs her fingers along your chin. “I was going to be patient. I was -trying- to be so patient and good and just leave things alone until there was a good time to nudge at you.”

Portia Pexington sobs and nods and isn’t very good at lovey dovey stuff at ALL.

Portia Pexington: You two ..
Rune slips the ring on your finger. “I take it that is a yes.”
Riley Ann Twine looks up…”Mum? pleease say yes”
Portia Pexington nods and cries and tries to breathe and hug Riley and kiss you all at the same time

No date has been set yet, and it will not be for several months. I am so happy that I can call Portia my Fiancee now. I love you so much Portia thank you for making my night in so many ways.



  1. I’m a fan of the Twine Family.

  2. Sapphire Coakes

    Awwwww congratulations BroSees!!!! <333

  3. Cady Fretwerk

    Congrats to the whole Twine family!! Love you guys!

  4. Bekah

    This is wonderful news! Congratulations to you all! What a stunning ring.

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