Introducing Abernathy

I hope I’m doing this correctly. I’ve never used word press before. So here goes.

Hi, I’m Abernathy Jane Button Fretwerk the Turd.

You can call me Abs, Abby, Absy, or even Button.

I enjoy being creative and making things happen.

I have a great second life family and many of them blog on this very website.

I’m obsessed with movies and one day would like to make them in second life and in real life.

I’m ZEF for life and if you don’t know what that is. Then you just aren’t on the next level.

I love the funny in life. Sadly though I have an Eddie Murphy laugh.

Some of my favorite things are:




Die Antwoord

Nicki Minja

Tori Amos

Dolly Parton

My Honky

My SL family and friends

Cran Grape Juice




The smell of strawberry shortcake dolls and laundry and honeysuckles

Favorite color is violet



OK that’s enough of that. Even I’m getting bored.

My next post on this blog will be the family outing to a bowling lane. Sachy and I made shirts. It’s guys vs girls.





  1. Welcome Buttonface! Glad you could make it! 🙂

  2. Thanks Uncle Honeypan…hehehe Rune

  3. Sapphire Coakes

    Woaaaah momma.. that’s a long list! Welcome to the team, nieceypoo!

  4. Thank you Auntie. And thank you for making this site.

  5. Cady Fretwerk

    Love that picture of you Abby.

  6. Thanks my moma. I love your picture too. Those eyes!

  7. anyone else notice the bat in the cave in this pic?

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