Teen Fashion Takeover


The Teen Fashion Takeover foremost provides a platform for talented teen designers, to showcase their unique fashions while providing Secondlife with a one of a kind fashion event. Not only do these efforts support our love for fashion, but they also provide opportunities for teens to expand themselves in so many ways. Designers always need more publicity, but teens will also get a chance to model. Because of the fashion standard many teens don’t have the opportunity to become models. So T.F.T. is thier chance to shine in the best best teen fashions SL has to offer.

Although at this time there is no actual set date for when the T.F.T. event will take place, what I can tell you is that it will be in January 2012. Just because this is taking place in the winter, this doesn’t mean that all of the fashions will be for just winter. We are still in the developmental stages at this point looking for designers and models. As time goes by more details will be given to all those participating to give you enough time to prepare, advertise, get models, outfits and whatever else is needed.

– How to Participate –


T.F.T. is only going to select 5 designers to be highlighted within the Fashion Show. This is to make sure that the event doesn’t take more then an hour and half so that we can get the best of the best for teen fashion.

If you have any questions or need further details please IM Valentine Rexen or Abernathy Button.


I know that not all of the designers may have the resources to obtain as many models as they may need. So we are asking any and all teens (male and female) to step up and participate in this fashion event.

If you have any questions or need further details please IM Valentine Rexen or Abernathy Button.

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